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Fabrication, Operation


  • Mechanical cutting, laser cutting
  • Forming, circular bending, drawing
  • Spot welding, roll seam welding, plasma welding, micro plasma arc welding, resistance welding
  • Tensioning
  • Bonding
  • Soldering
  • Binding, plastic coating


  • Multi layer sintered meshes
  • Diffusion welded sintered meshes
  • Thermal treatments, tension free bonding
  • Surface treatments
  • Functional coatings, i.e. hydrophobic meshes
  • Optical coatings (e.g. blacking)
  • Electropolishing
  • Specialist cleaning of mesh and components, for example ultrasound
  • Acid etching, passivating


  • Roll widths up to 1700mm
  • Forces up to 280 tonnes
  • Precision +/- 0.001mm across the entire roll width
  • High gloss surface finish

NC Calendering

  • Strips up to 300mm in width
  • Forces up to 100 tonnes
  • Throughput speeds infinitely variable
  • Precision +/- 0.001mm
  • Various surface structures and gloss finishes available

Slitting machines

  • Equipped with edge control for rolls up to 1530mm
  • Pneumatically adjustable orbital action measure
  • Ideal for fine and medium weight meshes

Cutting Plotter

  • CAD controlled
  • Maximum mesh width 1800mm
  • Cut part sizes 1200 x 1800mm
  • Oscillating cutting knife
  • Cutting speed 0 – 450mm/sec
  • Smallest possible radius 0.05mm
  • Accurate to 0.05mm (dependent upon mesh type)

Slitting Machine 30/48

  • Pneumatically adjustable orbital action measure
  • Strip widths electronically adjustable
  • Infinitely variable slitting speeds

Slitting Machine 5/280

  • Cutter spindle with up to 17 spring loaded cutting knives
  • Infinitely variable slitting speeds
  • For strip widths up to 280mm


Exzenter-C Column Press

  • 20 tonne cutting pressure
  • Roll feed with automatic take up and winding
  • Infinitely variable reciprocating speed
  • Electronically programmable cam control
  • Individually programmable roll feed parameters
  • Roll feed with aeration

Cut strip measuring equipment

  • State of the art camera system
  • ‘Roll2Roll’ processes
  • Series production measurements: Strip width, aperture size, parallelism, wire angularity
  • High throughput

Pick-Up Camera Control System

  • 100% control, particularly for large scale production
  • Through and vertical illuminator
  • Series production measurements: dimensions, wire orientation, mesh surface
  • Automatic sorting
  • Storage of test results
  • Statistical evaluations

Digital Keyence Measurement System

  • Precision instrument for process control
  • Measurement range 200 x 100mm
  • Measurement accuracy 0.7 microns
  • Volume and one-off measurement
  • Measurement of 3D components (optional)
  • Storage of test results
  • Statistical evaluations

Aperture size measurement system

Leica Camera System

Leica Camera System
Contact angle measuring equipment
ZWICK tensile testing

Addition Measuring and Control Equipment
  • Chromatometer camera
  • Gloss measuring equipment
  • Rayl measuring equipment
  • Bubblepoint Test

Prototyping, One Offs

  • Development of new solutions working in close cooperation with customers
  • Use of alternative production technologies (3D printing) for challenging applications
  • One-offs and small runs

Volume Manufacturing

  • Part or fully automated volume manufacturing using modular production equipment
  • Tools and plant for customer specific production projects

Replacement parts

  • Reconditioning of wearing parts
  • Exchange of damaged meshes
  • Reverse engineering
  • Modifications to customer specifications
  • Call-off storage and delivery

OEM parts

  • Sourcing of materials, semi-finished goods and subassemblies
  • Refurbishment of components and equipment



Important notice to our current and future customers:

G. Bopp + Co. AG (“Bopp”) and even their existing customers have recently noticed that online offerings of products which look similar to those of Bopp and declaring them as “Bopp” products are increasingly being introduced on online purchasing platforms. There is no doubt that these offerings infringe Bopp’s trademarks, violate unfair competition (and other) laws and seriously deceive the market participants.

Bopp have reacted and undertaken respective measures to defend and protect their rights. Considering the enormous number of violators, it seems inevitable that this process will take longer than Bopp desire.

In the meantime, Bopp would like to emphasize the following:
Products manufactured by G. Bopp + Co. AG in Zurich, Switzerland are exclusively available from its subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and China and the nominated representations.

G. Bopp + Co. AG are one of the world’s leading producers of precision woven wire meshes providing their high-quality products to market leaders in the high tech, pharmaceutical, chemical, aeronautics, plastic, glass, ceramics, mechanical engineering, paper, environmental technology and even space travel (www.bopp.com).