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Engineering and Consultancy

Technically competent support is the foundation stone for optimum results. Factors including selection of materials, mesh properties, design and component construction are critical in terms of process quality and economy. Our experience of thousands of applications in diverse market sectors forms the backbone of our consultancy services. Our technical facilities and methods of analysis facilitate the identification of sources of defects and their rectification.
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 selecting materials

  • Type of loading; mechanical, chemical, thermal, rigidity and corrosion
  • Cleanability properties of the selected mesh
  • Visual requirements
  • Material cost, component cost
  • Costs involved in downtime for maintenance
  • Coatings, lamination

Application technology, component design

  • Process performance requirements
  • Rating, design
  • Surface texture
  • Compression ration, upstream flow angle
  • Component cleaning properties, backwashing capability
  • Process development

Analyses, optimisation

  • FMEAs ( Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Investigation of damages or malfunctions
  • Performance optimisation, efficiency increases, prolonging service life, improving economy
  • Comparison measurements of filter fineness, mesh type, rigidity
  • Laboratory trials, test, software simulation
  • Microscopic analyses, material analyses
  • Environmental sustainability

certification, areas of expertise

  • Certification
  • Measurement reports
  • Test reports
  • Declaration of no objection
  • Technical information
  • Proof of origin
  • SPC: Statistical Process Control

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