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Mesh production


World-renowned fine meshes from BOPP are manufactured at our production facility in Wolfhalden, Appenzell, built in 1956 and extended most recently on a significant scale in 2008.


  • Over 100 employees, 24 hour operations across two shifts
  • 145 weaving machines
  • 170 tonnes of steel processed every year
  • 24 million kilometres of wire processed every year
  • 450 kilometres of mesh produced every year
  • Fine meshes down to a wire diameter of 0.015mm (15 thousandths of a millimetre)

Warping: winding warp wire in bundles

  • Winding the warp wires (longitudinal wire) on the warp beam
  • Warp frame contains over 1000 spools
  • Winding warp wires in bundles


  • 200 mesh:  8000 wires per metre width
  • 400 mesh: 1600 wires per metre width
  • Average labour input: 33 hours

Feeding: Preparation for weaving

  • Winding the warp wires (longitudinal wire) on the warp beam
  • Warp frame contains over 1000 spools
  • Winding warp wires in bundles


  • 200 mesh, Ø 40 µm, 8000 wires per metre width: feeding time 36 hours
  • 400 mesh, Ø 25 µm, 16000 wires per metre width, feeding time 88 hours



  • 145 weaving machines, developed in-house, woven widths up to 2800mm, mostly automated operation with laser control
  • New weaving hall: Special vibration-free floor, fully air conditioned, cleanroom class 10000
  • State of the art, ecologically sound mesh cleaning equipment

Quality control: SD final inspection: Mesh thickness

  • Weaving quality: BOPP-Norm (BN), more stringent than ISO Standards, less defects, higher levels of precision
  • Final inspection SD: mesh thickness, SI: mesh count, FI: Optical sight check
  • Traceability: Raw material batch, Machine number, Operator identification, Arbeiter-Identifikation
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Important notice to our current and future customers:

G. Bopp + Co. AG (“Bopp”) and even their existing customers have recently noticed that online offerings of products which look similar to those of Bopp and declaring them as “Bopp” products are increasingly being introduced on online purchasing platforms. There is no doubt that these offerings infringe Bopp’s trademarks, violate unfair competition (and other) laws and seriously deceive the market participants.

Bopp have reacted and undertaken respective measures to defend and protect their rights. Considering the enormous number of violators, it seems inevitable that this process will take longer than Bopp desire.

In the meantime, Bopp would like to emphasize the following:
Products manufactured by G. Bopp + Co. AG in Zurich, Switzerland are exclusively available from its subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and China and the nominated representations.

G. Bopp + Co. AG are one of the world’s leading producers of precision woven wire meshes providing their high-quality products to market leaders in the high tech, pharmaceutical, chemical, aeronautics, plastic, glass, ceramics, mechanical engineering, paper, environmental technology and even space travel (www.bopp.com).