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Alongside bespoke customer specifications, we also offer a range of standard sintered products as follows:
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This plate-like filter medium consists of five different mesh layers, bonded together to achieve the optimum combination of stability, flow rate and backwashing properties. POREMET is ideal for applications in fine and finest filtration under high pressure and in harsh operating conditions. POREMET can be combined with a range of support meshes to achieve significant load capacities. 
Application recommendations: filtration of highly viscous liquids; Nutsche filters, centrifuges, fluidised beds, silo aeration, applications in biotechnology.


In contrast to POREMET, ABSOLTA N is a highly porous filter medium designed to achieve high flow rates with moderate loadings. ABSOLTA is characterised by optimum cleaning and backwashing capabilities. ABSOLTA D is a five layer example demonstrating a reduced thickness of 1.7 to 1.8mm. For more extreme loadings, ABSOLTA can be enhanced using additional support meshes.

Application recommendations: Due to optimal flow rates and backwashing capabilities, ABSOLTA is used primarily in liquid and gas filtration.


TOPMESH 2 was developed to compensate for the reduced rigidity of finer meshes used in filtration. The combination of a filter mesh together with a support layer using square weave mesh provides stabilisation at medium pressure loadings and optimum backwashing properties. TOPMESH 2 is particulatly suitable for CIP filters (Cleaning in Place) used in the pharmaceutical industry. Additional support elements may be necessary for high pressure applications and larger diameters.  

Application recommendations:  Liquid/solid filtration, surface filtration for dust removal, sieve plates, de-aeration filters, backwashing filters (also automated), cleaning baskets for small components.


Over and above TOPMESH 2, this laminate features an additional bonded layer between the filter mesh and the square weave support mesh. With virtually constant and minimal flow resistance and excellent backwashing capabilities, higher pressure loadings can be handled. TOPMESH 3 is ideal for use with CIP (Cleaning in Place) filters.
Application recommendations: As with TOPMESH 2, and also for stable deaeration filters, Nutsche filter plates, spray dryers, drying plant, baskets for cleaning equipment and filter drums for cooling lubricant equipment.


POREFLO is a two or three layer laminate using offset layers of twilled mesh. Through the additional surface thickness, the laminate is transformed into an air permeable metallic membrane with advanced levels of stability and minimal porosity. POREFLO is particularly suited to applications requiring high levels of flow resistance.

Application recommendations: Fluidisation components, fluidised beds, aeration components, pneumatic conveyors.

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Alongside our existing product range, we develope and produce bonded meshes to individual customer specifications. We also manufacture balanced structures which remain pliable despite their thickness and stability, and laminates with extremely large numbers of layers (up to 1000 and beyond), which are used for heat exchanger applications such as those found in Stirling engines.

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