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Our Skills

Objective: to achieve the highest quality processes for our customers

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The process quality of a given application is determined by a number of different factors:

  • In depth understanding of the requirements
  • Designing a  solution that is practical and fit for purpose
  • The correct mesh: material, weave and quality
  • Professional mesh fabrication, with the focus on total reproducibility
  • Continuous quality control, availability and adherence to production deadlines
Building on many years of experience, we have developed a service package which covers all current requirements.

Our engineers and specialists have at their disposal a vast fund of knowledge, built upon wide ranging knowledge of diverse applications. Where necessary, they will assess existing projects and find the perfect solution, using modern materials and equipment.

Product development and fabrication – understanding how it should be done

We provide a comprehensive service, from design consultancy through to installation and testing, where sensible and required; from ambitious one-offs through to economical volume production. So much is possible, all completed to the highest possible standards of quality.

Infrastructure and facilities

The machinery and equipment used in our businesses are specially developed for the processing and fabrication of fine meshes. Our global network of facilities in terms of equipment, skills and economic factors give us the flexibility to achieve the most cost effective solutions.


BOPP logistics – on time, in the right place

Our logistics function is an important part of our service package, and is closely linked to many other divisions including production planning and control. Our central warehouse in Zürich carries more than 10,000 rolls of standard specification mesh.

Mesh production – our core skill

Our Swiss production facility is one of the most modern anywhere in the world. Our weaving machines have been developed in-house, whilst our continuously upgraded infrastructure is capable of meeting even the most demanding challenges.

Wire drawing – for better results

Weaving at its upper tolerance limits requires exceptional raw materials. Using our own in-house wire drawing facility, we can ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained from the outset.

Please select a contact person and send us your inquiry

Technical Sales Manager
Tel.: +1 704 628 0395

Technical Sales Manager
Tel.: 434 219 9800

Tel.: +1 845 296 1065


Important notice to our current and future customers:

G. Bopp + Co. AG (“Bopp”) and even their existing customers have recently noticed that online offerings of products which look similar to those of Bopp and declaring them as “Bopp” products are increasingly being introduced on online purchasing platforms. There is no doubt that these offerings infringe Bopp’s trademarks, violate unfair competition (and other) laws and seriously deceive the market participants.

Bopp have reacted and undertaken respective measures to defend and protect their rights. Considering the enormous number of violators, it seems inevitable that this process will take longer than Bopp desire.

In the meantime, Bopp would like to emphasize the following:
Products manufactured by G. Bopp + Co. AG in Zurich, Switzerland are exclusively available from its subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and China and the nominated representations.

G. Bopp + Co. AG are one of the world’s leading producers of precision woven wire meshes providing their high-quality products to market leaders in the high tech, pharmaceutical, chemical, aeronautics, plastic, glass, ceramics, mechanical engineering, paper, environmental technology and even space travel (www.bopp.com).